feet flight.

Artwork by Kazuya Akimoto

it’s a goddamn wheel pounding, veins climbing out of your forehead and neck, honking time
when it’s 5 PM and everyone’s squeezing in the streets,
Mercedes Benz, aggressive revving little Corvette,
gassy offensively loud truck,
and you sit in your dusty, beat up 90s Toyota Camry,
ready to crash your car into the one moving like a snail,
hell, maybe even jump out of your car and let the bus hit you.

the bicyclists are all zooming past the traffic, shoulder to shoulder,
careful not to let a stupid speeder send them flying onto the pavement,
screaming obscenities out the window, raving mad.

so, get off your ass and take a feet flight,
wipe those greasy fingers and the phone screen,
reveal your regrettable life choices to your friends as you amble,
or run, from your problems,
they didn’t give you legs for nothing.


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