Nashua Orange + Red

when the natural gas started to disappear, we should’ve started looking for something else,
but we didn’t.
the post humans mix us all together,
a steaming, boiling cauldron,
they found their new fuel,
but they will run out soon, too.
we got greedy, long before our time had come,
we deserved it, we deserved the end.

we pumped oil through the pipelines,
and called it good politics
we devoured coal
and puffed out smoke rings like fat cats,
scraped off the mountaintops,
a woodpecker graveyard, a cavefish tomb,
we dug ourselves into pits,
because we just wanted more.

Oh, but we deserved it.

we wanted to build entire cities of pipes, reactors, generators.
we wanted to fill entire lakes, rivers, oceans, Nashua orange + red.
we wanted to light them up and drive obnoxious cars, cover the truth with the subwoofer.
we want everything in overpowering excess.


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